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Featuring Isabelle Min, Ema Naito, Karen Tan, Danau Tanu & Jane W. Wang

We all have a need to belong and be unique at the same time. But is belonging something that just is and can’t be changed: we either belong or we don’t? Or can we learn how to belong? Five adult Third Culture Kids of Asia will reflect on their experiences of trying to fit in and find community. They will also share what they have learned over the years as they searched for a sense of belonging.

Season 2. Episode 2. LISTEN TO PODCAST

Featuring Ardi Kuhn, Aiko Minematsu, Karen Tan with Danau Tanu & Isabelle Min

‘My parents wanted me to learn English and fit in. Now they say I'm too Western. But I'm not.' Have you ever felt like a foreigner in your own family? Listen to Ardi, Aiko and Karen as they share how the languages they spoke affected their relationships with their parents and how being mixed race, growing up in a monolingual family or being from a war-torn country played into it.

Season 2. Episode 1. LISTEN TO PODCAST

Featuring Isabelle Min & Danau Tanu

As children, we start life without any understanding of why things like language, culture & race matter. But it doesn’t take long before we begin to internalize the the cultural hierarchies we see around us, which can have a lasting impact. In this forum, we heard from those who went to schools where the dominant language and culture were different from home and about how it affected them.

Season 1. Episode 2. LISTEN TO PODCAST

Featuring Aiko Minematsu & Jane W. Wang

Most Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are aware of the privilege that comes with an international upbringing. But it’s difficult when it affects relationships within the family. "Why can't my parents understand that I'm culturally different from them?" "Why did moving affect me so much but not my siblings?" In this forum, we heard from two adult TCKs on how they grappled with these questions.

Season 1. Episode 1. LISTEN TO PODCAST

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