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Deep Dive

A Brand-New Series

21 DECEMBER 2021

In this brand-new series, we want to explore to uncover more hidden layers of the 'third culture' experience together.

In each session, two or more featured speakers will kick start the discussion by sharing briefly about their own experience and what they think is important as a ‘Third Culture Kid’. We will then open up the floor for all participants to ask, comment, share and engage in a rich conversation.

And to make sure we can dive deeply into the topics, the number of participants will be limited to 25 people.

We selected speakers whose backgrounds and experiences of living across cultures are somewhat different from those we have featured in the past.

Featured speakers for December!

Ragil Ratnam

Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

It's not just about soccer teams or flags. It's about who you are.



Free. Open to all.

Limited to max 25 ppl.


Tuesday, December 21

8AM New York (EST) / 3PM Beirut / 9PM Singapore / 10PM Seoul & Tokyo

90 minutes

For more time zones, click here (list) or here (interactive)

Feel free to show up in your pajamas!


TCKs of Asia is going multilingual!

Where possible, participants may contribute to the discussion in languages other than English and we will interpret them from the other language into English.

Available languages for this session: 한국어, 日本語, & Bahasa Indonesia

If you speak languages other than English and would like to volunteer as an interpreter on the day, please let us know. All interpretation will be from the source language into English.

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