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10 NOVEMBER 2019

Third Culture Kids & Family Ties

Stories from Asia on Relationships with Parents and Siblings

Most Third Culture Kids are aware of the privilege that comes with an international upbringing, whether through moving geographically or the schools they attend. But sometimes it’s difficult when it affects relationships within the family.

"Why can't my parents understand that I'm culturally different from them?" "I want to talk to my parents about this but I don't know how." "Why did moving affect me so much but not my siblings?"

In this public online forum, we heard from adult Third Culture Kids with Asian experiences on how they grappled with some of these questions and then opened the floor for discussions. See below for Aiko Minematsu's presentation slides.


Aiko Minematsu, a university lecturer in Tokyo, teaching English for academic purposes. Aiko is now residing in Tokyo, Japan, but as a child she enrolled in seven elementary schools in Japan and the USA. She holds an MA in TESOL from Teachers College Columbia University and a secondary school teaching license for teaching English in Japan. She has taught English to returnee students in Japan for over ten years. Her life goal is to empower TCKs in Japan through education. Aiko is also a Co-Chair for the FIGT Japan Affiliate.

Jane W. Wang is Founder & Coach at Multicultural Hero's Journey, Jane helps TCKs and CCKs integrate their complex identities, root in their core, and deepen self-awareness, empathy, and resilience, so that they are on solid inner ground as they step into multicultural leadership and changemaking roles. Born in Taipei and raised bilingually in the US, Jane moved schools every 1-3 years, then lived and worked in Tokyo, Paris, Taipei, Boston, and NYC, until finally settling into a ‘roots journey’ back in Taiwan. She holds a B.A. in sociology, an M.A. in international affairs, and certifications in coaching and the MBTI.


Isabelle Min, CEO and Founder of Transition Catalyst Korea (TCK) Institute. Isabelle is one of the first generation of Koreans who grew up abroad (in 6 countries) before permanently settling in Seoul. She speaks 5 languages and currently combines her multicultural upbringing with her 30-year experience as a public broadcaster, adjunct professor, and intercultural trainer to coach and empower individuals and teams through their transitions. Isabelle is also the Chair for the FIGT Korea Affiliate.


Edited by Karen Tan


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